Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grow Your Own BUTTERFLIES! Science is Good 4 Kids & Parents!

We have raised butterflies every year since I was in the 2nd grade!
My mom would take us out to hunt for caterpillars, and we raise them until they formed their chrysalis. Then they would hatch, and we would release them!

Your kids can experience the life cycle in your very own home!
Metamorphosis is Good 4 Kids and Good 4 Parents!

Even better for parents, has a great deal on the "Living Butterfly Garden" today!

You could give a LIVING present for Christmas!

Normally $24.99 - this is on sale NOW for $13.49.
Prices on amazon can change at any time - so if you want this, now is the time to buy! :)

The Living Butterfly Garden comes with the collapsible house, food, and a mail-in-voucher for LIVE caterpillars!
You can buy this now, and order your caterpillars whenever you are ready!

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