Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Frankenweenie" Review by Parent and Kid

My daughter and I had the privilege of attending a promotional screening of "Frankenweenie"> Read on to see what we thought, and for links to Pumpkin Cut-Outs based on the film!

Review by Mom ~ Good 4 Parents rating 2 out of 5 stars "Frankenweenie" is a movie presented in black and white, where a young boy brings his dog back to life, in the manner of Frankenstein. The graphics are quite grotesque, as most Tim Burton films are. The personalities of the characters attempt to endear their quirks to the audience. A few successful moments appeal to the emotions of parents, and I did actually laugh out loud at least twice. All in all, I thought the movie was quite predictable, and relied too much on the cliche humor of past films and events. I enjoyed spending time with my daughter, and she really seemed to enjoy the film. It was not really scary, but the art of Tim Burton lends a very spooky atmosphere throughout the film.

Review of an 8-year-old girl: 4 out of 5 stars
Frankenweenie was a HUGE success! With Tim Burton in the staff, the movie was more interesting and creepy. The premier of Frankenweenie would be nothing without the blinding black and white! Anybody should know that. What I really liked about Frankenweenie was that everything happens very suddenly. For example, when the overgrown rat pops up in front of the gym teacher. I also like it when they make everything look like something horrible is going to happen, but then calm you. I don't really think I disliked anything in this spectacular film! I LOVED Frankenweenie!!
~Ryanna, age 8 Pumpkin Carving Cut-Outs based on Frankenweenie!

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