Monday, October 28, 2013

Toys 'R Us - $6 for a $10 Gift Card!!!

Up To 50% Off at Toys 'R Us!

Some people are getting $15 for $7.50.
The deal showing up for me is $10 for $6.

Not sure why the differences in offers, but any way you look at it, this would make a great way to save on toys for Christmas!

Get yours now before they sell out! Saving money is Good 4 Parents, Toys are Good 4 Kids!

Click HERE to visit Groupon - then search for "Toys" to find this great deal!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Angry Birds Air Swimmers Blimps! Only $18 Shipped!

My Son LOVES Angry Birds, and has always asked for an Air Swimmer!
I think this might be his favorite Christmas present this year!

Find these adorable Angry Birds Air Swimmer Remote Control Blimps HERE!
You may have to click on the "Kids" Tab at the top, and then scroll down to find this great deal!

Rainbow Loom Rubber Band Bracelet Discounted Supplies!!

No More Rack has some GREAT deals on Rubber Band Bracelet Making Supplies!

My almost 10-year-old daughter LOVES to make bracelets, and so do most of her friends!
I am buying her a bunch of these sets of bands for gifts, because these are GREAT prices!

Get This 626 Piece Set for Only $8!

This Set of 2500 Pieces is only $14.00!

This Royal Loom Bands Kit is 630 Pieces for Only $12.00!

Choose Either Glow-In-The Dark or Glittery Bands - 600 pieces for only $9.00!

Click HERE To go to No More Rack's website. Click on their "Kids" Tab at the top, and then you'll see their great deals on bracelet supplies and more!

Silly Slippeez - Slippers for Kids!

Christmas lists have already started flying around our house!
These adorable slippers topped my five-year-old son's list!

Sneaky Shark Silly Slippeez - Only $15.00 Shipped!

Get yours now before they sell out!

Also available: Mr. Monster, Princess Kitty, Zanny Zebra, Lucky Leopard, Dizzy Dinosaur

Click HERE, and then click on Kids at the top. You might have to scroll down a bit to find these cute slippers, but it's worth it!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Amazon Instant Video

We're getting ready for a few road trips in our family!
So, I'm trying to figure out how to download movies to our various devices for each child to be able to pick their own fun viewing choices while traveling.

I think this might cut down on arguing over which movie we want to watch!

I have downloaded the "Amazon Instant Video app" on each tablet and iPod.

Now, when we are going on a trip, I can let my kids pick out a movie for as low as only $.99 for a 48 hour rental!
Click the following link to browse: Amazon Instant Video.

Movies on the Go are Good 4 Kids and Good 4 Parents!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

"The Monstore" Book Review and Giveaway!!!!

The Monstore is one of my family's favorite books!

 My boys love to read about the kooky monsters, and my daughter imagines herself actually shopping for Monsters at the Monstore to fill her little brothers' closet!

We all love to read about the adventures that Zack and Gracie have involving the trap door in the back of Frankensweet’s Candy Shoppe! It's not a scary book, but a FUN look at siblings who like to have fun.

Without giving away the whole story, I just want to say that we were provided an advanced copy of The Monstore by the publisher, and we loved it SO MUCH that we are BUYING 2 Copies to Give Away to our readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Click Here to buy your own copy of The Monstore The Monstore is Good 4 Kids and Good 4 Parents!

Boys and Bugs

My youngest son is five years old. He loves to go on walks with me, and I'm lucky enough to have time to do that with him!

Recently we walked on a State Park Trail while his older brother and sister were taking a class at church. My boy loves to sit and take breaks, and just talk with me. I think that's rather sweet!

While we were sitting on the side of the path on one of these breaks, a small grasshopper jumped right onto his lap! He was so excited! We decided that this little bug could be his pet, which he named "Hoppy".

Hoppy accompanied us on the rest of our walk, and all the way back into the school to pick up brother and sister. My son did not want to carry the grasshopper in his hands, so he rode on a rather large stick in my son's hand!

He had tons of plans for Hoppy. He would live in the bug jar, and eat only leaves. He would live in our garage and be best friends with our other pets. 

Hoppy made it home after a short ride in our minivan, and into the bug jar. Until the boys decided to take him out and "play with him". Then, imagine that, he hopped away. Somehow, the boys thought mommy's magic could find Hoppy in the grass in our yard. Unfortunately, my eagle eyes were not sharp enough to find him. So, now Hoppy lives in our yard, and my boys are convinced that he visits them outside their window at night as they are sleeping.

Bugs are good 4 boys, and the imagination is good 4 parents!

Here is a bug jar like my boys' use! They LOVE it!!