Monday, January 7, 2013

My Kids' Curiosity - Drives Me to Drink!

We were putting away Christmas gifts from under our tree, and my four-and-a-half year old son was looking through the gifts from my in-laws.
He discovered my nutcracker wine opener, and brought it to me.

"Look Mommy! A Nutcracker! But how does this one work?" Avery asked.

He did not have to ask me twice to get me to show him!

I ran down the steps to grab a bottle of wine, and in the spirit of my kids' curiosity, decided wine with dinner would not be a bad idea!

All three of my kids gathered around the table, as I opened a nice bottle of Merlot. They all clapped, and cheered, as the nutcracker opened my wine. I am still relaxing with the fruits of my children's curiosity!

Special thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-Law who gives the greatest, most creative gifts!

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