Friday, November 16, 2012

Stamp Sets ~ FREE (only pay shipping) ~ Think Christmas Gifts

I know that my son's Kindergarten classroom uses stamps like these all the time for different projects!!
They would make a GREAT teacher gift! Or a gift for your child to use at home!

You can get 1 Stamp Set for FREE if you are a NEW Zulily Customer TODAY ONLY!

If you already have a Zulily account, you can get them as low as $9.99!!

Farm Animal Stamp Set ~ $9.99
OR FREE if you are a new Zulily Customer!

Farm Adventure Stamp Set ~ $9.99 ~ Or FREE if you get the $10 NEW Customer Credit!

Uppercase Alphabet Letters Foam Stamp Set ~ $19.99 ~ OR ONLY $9.99 if you use the New Zulily Customer $10 Credit!

Lowercase Alphabet Letters Foam Stamp Set ~ $19.99 ~ Or only $9.99 if you get the New Zulily Customer $10 Credit

Primary Color Ink Pad Set ~ $11.99 OR ONLY $1.99 if you are use your NEW Zulily Customer Credit of $10

Another thing I LOVE about Zulily is their $5.95 FLAT shipping rate!
Pay only $5.95, and that covers ALL of your purchases for the day!

In order to receive the $10 New Customer Credit, you MUST sign up using this link!

I was skeptical of this "too good to be true" deal - so I tried it for you!
I got a FREE Melissa & Doug Toy, and have ordered many more items from Zulily since then!
This DEAL is totally Legit!

Stamp Sets are Good 4 Kids ~ These Prices are Good 4 Parents!

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