Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boys and Bugs

My youngest son is five years old. He loves to go on walks with me, and I'm lucky enough to have time to do that with him!

Recently we walked on a State Park Trail while his older brother and sister were taking a class at church. My boy loves to sit and take breaks, and just talk with me. I think that's rather sweet!

While we were sitting on the side of the path on one of these breaks, a small grasshopper jumped right onto his lap! He was so excited! We decided that this little bug could be his pet, which he named "Hoppy".

Hoppy accompanied us on the rest of our walk, and all the way back into the school to pick up brother and sister. My son did not want to carry the grasshopper in his hands, so he rode on a rather large stick in my son's hand!

He had tons of plans for Hoppy. He would live in the bug jar, and eat only leaves. He would live in our garage and be best friends with our other pets. 

Hoppy made it home after a short ride in our minivan, and into the bug jar. Until the boys decided to take him out and "play with him". Then, imagine that, he hopped away. Somehow, the boys thought mommy's magic could find Hoppy in the grass in our yard. Unfortunately, my eagle eyes were not sharp enough to find him. So, now Hoppy lives in our yard, and my boys are convinced that he visits them outside their window at night as they are sleeping.

Bugs are good 4 boys, and the imagination is good 4 parents!

Here is a bug jar like my boys' use! They LOVE it!!

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